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Network, WiFi & Internet Minor incident
Learning Apps (Compass, GSuite, etc) Minor incident
AV & Projectors Minor incident
Chromebook Fleet Operational
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Current incidents

Minor incident Compass Slowness

We are receiving reports from both Staff & Parents reporting general slowness when accessing and using various parts of Compass.

We have raised a ticket with Compass to investigate as this appears to be an internal Compass issue.

Minor incident Intermittent WiFi Dropouts

After monitoring all day today we have not identified any disconnects of AP’s. While these results are not final, we observed the same user counts as previous disconnects and believe our previous interventions have had an impact. We will downgrade the severity and continue to monitor.

Minor incident G03 Chromecast

The Chromecast in G03 is no longer functioning. HDMI and VGA are available for an alternative.

Minor incident Weights Room Projector - HDMI

The HDMI connection to the Weights Room is currently not functioning. Chromecast has been re-connected and is now available as an alternative.

Please report any further issues to:

Minor incident R08 Projector - Wall Panel

The Projector Wall Panel in R08 is currently not functioning.

As a temporary solution, a projector remote is located underneath to the wall panel.

To turn on/off the projector: press the red button in the top right hand corner. To change to Chromecast: press the ‘Video’ button on the top left had corner of the remote. To change to the HDMI or VGA / Audio Cable: press the ‘Computer’ button to the right of the ‘Video’ button. The HDMI channel is ‘Computer 1’, with the VGA channel ‘Computer 2...

Minor incident Chromecasts Interruptions

Chromecasts are now available for use. We are currently monitoring the issue and will continue to provide updates.

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